TECT Power has a proven track record of grinding finished components for the aerospace and industrial turbine engine industries. We offer dual- and single-wheel continuously dressed creep feed and crush form grinding for turbine airfoils, and universal grinding for rotating components.

Creep Feed Grinding

TECT Power has the capabilities to perform both single-wheel and dual-wheel creep feed grinding on nickel-based alloys, steels, and chrome. We have the manufacturing flexibility to meet your specifications.


Radial Grinding

TECT Power is currently developing its own proprietary radial grinding capabilities to machine curved features into turbine vanes. We have made an aggressive investment in this technology with the ultimate goal of developing a radial grinding process capable of machining the largest scale parts in the industry.

Crush Form Grinding

TECT Power offers crush form grinding for turbine blades.


Manufacturing Locations

  • Cleveland
  • Utica