TECT Power's TECTnology® portfolio of turbine engine component manufacturing processes are proven to make the components of your engine more efficient. These advanced manufacturing processes produce parts that don't just meet tolerance requirements but actually perform to design intent. Learn more about each of these unique capabilities and see how you can build peak performance into your engines.

TECT Poweredge®

This patent-pending process utilizes automated and controlled techniques to deliver near-perfect, leading-edge profiling that increases engine efficiency. This process is so exact that it creates consistency along the entire edge, not just at measurement sections, to go beyond meeting specifications and to actually meet performance intent.

TECT PowerEdge® delivers:

  • Less profiling variation, making it superior to a manually profiled edge
  • Uniform engine set edge profiles that lead to less fan operating variation
  • Improved consistency that creates less reliance on inspection and eliminates the huge cost of engine test rejections
  • Custom profiling to each customer's specific CAD model

TECT Powerflow™

TECT PowerFlow™ is a proprietary EDM manufacturing process for airfoil and airfoil related shapes, that yields a measurable improvement upon dimensional consistency and surface finish, resulting in improved performance. TECT Power created this process specifically to manufacture diffusers out of nickel. Our unique PowerFlow™ technology is designed to precisely form the intricate 3D passageways that actually make these diffusers perform more efficiently in your turbine engine.

TECT Powerform™

The new generation of composite fan blades requires a protective LE (leading edge) cover to guard against bird strikes and erosion. The LE parts are difficult to manufacture due to their thin concave and convex “wings" as well as the narrow cavity between them. PowerForm™ is TECT's patented process to overcome these challenges. Our process yields excellent dimensional capability and very low stress or distortion of the part. This TECTnology® application process reduces manufacturing time by 50% compared to other methods.

TECT Powerplex™

TECT PowerPlex™ is TECT Power's proprietary blisk manufacturing process that creates superior parts up to 52 inches in diameter with complex geometries and tight tolerances. We custom-designed and built our own machinery to produce the complex shapes essential to the performance of these critical rotating components. The result of this milling process is superior titanium parts with extremely precise contours that create increased efficiency. TECT PowerPlex™ puts this one-of-a-kind technology into specialized machining cells that build unmatched quality and consistency in every piece.

TECT Powertwist®

TECT PowerTwist® is TECT Power's proprietary controlled forming process that fine-tunes the twist and improves the consistency of fan blades, resulting in significant specific fuel consumption improvement. This forging technology goes beyond simply meeting specifications -- it allows us to better capture the designer's intent. Turn to TECT Power for a precise shape to your fan blades and the shortest distance to a better engine.