TECT Power is a leader in closed-die forge, specializing in unique and difficult to forge contoured shapes. Our competencies include precision, near-net, hybrid, upset, and extrusion forging processes. TECT Power has more than 30 mechanical and hydraulic presses – ranging in size from 500 to 12,000 tons – capable of forging up to 135 pounds.

Nadcap Accredited

In 2018 TECT Power earned the Nadcap Metallic Materials Manufacturing accreditation and is listed in on the Qualified Manufacturers List.

  • Airfoils
  • Critical Rotating Components
  • Forgings

Forge Tool Design

TECT Power has the capabilities to design and manufacture forge tools on-site. Experienced design engineers utilize the latest CAD and forging simulation software to create optimum forge configurations required to meet the most challenging requirements. The TECT approach to forge tool design is to minimize the machining envelope and provide the most economical forging possible.

Forge Die Manufacturing

TECT Power builds and modifies its forge dies on-site utilizing high-speed CNC machining workcenters. The capability to link die design to tool build provides TECT with the competitive advantage that reduces lead time and benefits our customers. Quality forge tooling is verified using CMM and laser inspection methods. Having all of these capabilities on-site allows TECT Power to reduce costs, to produce forgings faster, and to maintain outstanding quality in every forged piece.


  • Extruding
  • Upsetting

TECT Power utilizes upset and extrusion operations to produce the most cost efficient pre-forming shape. This forging flexibility provides more control over the finished forging. Tell us what you need, or we can help you select the process that's right for your component. We have the capabilities to customize the forging process that perfectly suits your specifications

Closed-Die Forging

  • Conventional forging
  • Hybrid forging
  • Precision forging

TECT Power specializes in both conventional and precision forgings of close tolerance, complex shapes for aerospace, medical, and industrial markets. Our large variety of presses allows us to produce forgings to your exact specifications and properties. In short, we've transformed traditional methods of metal formation into modernized, highly specialized processes, yielding the exact mechanical properties necessary to meet or exceed your requirements.


TECT Power produces forgings with up to 300 planar inches, a maximum diameter of 15 inches, and a maximum weight of 135 pounds. We utilize the full spectrum of nickel, steel, aluminum, and titanium alloys, as well as some superalloys.


Manufacturing Location

  • Cleveland