TECT Power has the broadest spectrum of manufacturing capabilities in the aerospace, defense, and industrial markets. From precision forging to 5-axis milling to our proprietary PowerEdge®, PowerFlow™, PowerForm™, PowerFlex™, and PowerTwist® processes, TECT Power has the right technology to manufacture your components.

We have technical expertise in materials such as titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, stainless steels, steel alloys, and nickel cobalt alloys. Mixing this cutting-edge know-how with our robust manufacturing capabilities and our integrated supply chain gives TECT Power the capability to be a one-stop shop for your most demanding needs.

TECT Power is an industry leader in many manufacturing technologies. Some of these abilities are so amazing and interesting that they have become the core competencies upon which our business stands.


TECT Power is a recognized leader in closed-die forgings. We design and manufacture our own forge dies and specialize in forging complex shapes. When it comes to aerospace forgings, there's no one better than TECT Power.

Complex 5-Axis Milling

Our advanced capabilities give TECT Power the edge in multi-axis milling. Our state-of-the-art processes, including our proprietary blisk / IBR manufacturing process, allow us to mill extremely complex and demanding parts with great precision.

Supply Chain Management

TECT Power's integrated supply chain is a competitive advantage for our customers. You issue a single purchase order and TECT Power delivers a finished, complete solution faster to your precise specifications.


When it comes to aerospace forgings, there's no one better than TECT Power. Our experienced forge engineering team can translate your plans to fit your specs, all done in-house, reducing cost and lead time.

Conventional Machining

TECT Power excels in the milling of complex airfoil geometry and is a recognized leader in the industry. This leadership in milling stems from our proprietary machine designs and techniques that we've been developing for decades.


TECT Power is known for its grinding capabilities for good reason. We offer dual- and single-wheel continuously dressed creep feed and crush form grinding for turbine airfoils and universal grinding for rotating components.

Non-Conventional Machining

Our leadership in non-conventional machining is demonstrated by our willingness to invest in technology and push the boundaries of conventional work.

Special Processes

TECT Power's fully integrated supply chain and special processes are focused on one essential purpose: to be the single solution provider to your company from forge to finish. We eliminate seemingly endless shipping for finishing and inspections and introduce you to the holy grail of the value chain: the single purchase order.


Our proprietary TECTnology® innovations culminate in a portfolio of turbine engine component manufacturing processes that produce superior parts to meet the intended performance of your engine.